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Not having a last will and testament in place when living long term in Thailand, can make your Thai partner’s life, or that of your family in your home country, very difficult should you pass away.

You may have left behind a Thai partner whom you wanted to take care of, but it would a difficult and nay on impossible process for them to claim your assets, should you not be married.

If you have a Thai partner and you are not married then your partner has no claim over your assets whatsoever, leaving them in a very vulnerable position.

Making a Will with is quick, easy and affordable. Contact and get it started.

What About My Family back home?

The process family in your home country would need to go through, trying to claim your assets in Thailand, is an erroneous task at best, almost impossible at worst. Taking several years going through the Thai Judicial system in probate.

They would need to come to Thailand and prove they are your next-of-kin. They would need to hire a Thai lawyer and spend a minimum of 18 months in what would be a costly legal entanglement. During which your family will need to attend court in Thailand, which would become extremely costly.

All of which could be avoided, just by easily making a Will in Thailand, from

Should my thai partner also have a will?

The short answer to this is yes, most definitely yes.

Time and time again we see stories of foreign partners lose everything, including their home, car and money in the untimely death of their Thai partner. Even if you are married and share everything 50/50, it isn’t as cut and dried in Thailand as it would be in say the UK. The next of kin, can and often do, claim everything. Leaving the foreign partner often homeless at their most desperate time of need.

Having a Thai Will made and put in place as a couple would be the best pre-emptive policy for the both of you. provide Wills for couples as well, so dont delay.

Make A Thai Will, Frequently Asked Questions

Where the deceased has not left a Will your family would have to choose a representative for you to approach probate, to obtain, a grant of letters of administration, ensuring someone is appointment as the administrator for your estate. Your estate is then distributed under the rigid rules governing the Law Of Intestacy. This law, applies irrespective of the amount of wealth a person owns at death.

In this instance the law does not allow any opportunity to consider any wishes the deceased may have had, even if those wishes appeared obvious and written down other than by a properly executed Will. In fact a Will written, but not executed correctly, could very well constitute that the deceased had changed his mind as to whom his beneficiaries should be.

Foreigners can but do not have to make a separate Last Will for Thailand as foreign wills are enforceable in Thailand. Unless however, the foreigner has a long-term habitual residence in Thailand, if they own real estate or, are married to a Thai national. there is no specific need for foreigners to make a separate Last Will and Testament for assets in Thailand or a Thai Will with the same content as a the Last Will made by the foreigner in his home country.

However, to make the process much more timely and easier to administer. It is thought best practice is to have a separate Will for your Thai assets. Should there be no Thai Will and just the foreign Will, then the administration and winding up of the estate after a foreigner’s death has usually 2 options:

  • whether the foreigner’s worldwide estate is disposed of by Will or statutory succession rules, the official foreign legal document or court order by which an executor has been appointed in the foreigners home country, together with his death certificate must be translated and certified and is submitted with the court in Thailand for approval for the execution in Thailand, or
  • The foreigner’s Will is certified and translated and submitted to court for the appointment of the executor which is a much more lengthy process.

The cost of a Will in Thailand start from as little as 8,000 baht. However, the cost of a professionally written Thai will can vary, depending on the complexity and the size of your estate. A lot of the larger law firms in Thailand charge by the hour, so it can get pretty costly. The smaller law firms in Thailand will often charge a flat fee.

We will match you to a lawyer depending on your situation and budget requirements. Do You Live In Thailand? Get A Thai Will Today

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